New Construction Home Inspections

Newly-Constructed Home Inspections

New Construction Home Inpsections

If you're moving into a newly constructed home in Boston proper or its surrounding area, it's a great idea to have your property thoroughly inspected by a professional team. If you need a home inspection, look no further than us at BeaconLight Home Inspection for all your needs! We have worked for years in the Boston area, completing homes inspections for customers in single-family homes, townhouses, condos, and of course, newly-constructed homes! We are to make sure that your new home is up to safety guidelines, and that you are well-informed about the ins and outs of your home. Interested in learning more? Just call BeaconLight at (617) 681-HOME or submit your information to us through our contact form on our website. We look forward to inspecting your newly-constructed home!

Why Get Your Newly-Constructed Home Inspeted?

Especially if you're moving into a new home, there are few times in life that are as stressful as the moving process. As a homeowner, there are seemingly countless things to account for, however, when you work with BeaconLight, you can get to know your property in a way like no other. When you enlist our help of a home inspection, you can learn valuable, insightful and educational information about your home that would otherwise go unnoticed. We inspect all of the ins and outs of your property to look for any outstanding issues, or for general information that you'll want to know as a homeowner. Our inspections are professional, careful, and our past customers have had great things to say about them.

Our Own Fire & Life Safety Division

Our services extend beyond that of standard home inspections and include safety inspections as well. In fact, BeaconLight proudly offers its very own Fire & Life Safety Division, which includes licensed home inspectors, electricians, and even professional firefighters. Our team can help you obtain a Certificate of Compliance from your local fire department and ensure that your home's smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are functional. Interested in learning more or have any questions? Call (617) 681-HOME or submit your information and we will respond as soon as we can!

Why Choose BeaconLight

When you need services related to inspections and/or the safety of your home, there's no better choice than us at BeaconLight, as we are local to the Boston area, and are the trusted choice of many homeowners. To learn more, simply call us at (617) 681-HOME or use our website's contact form to submit your information.

Contact Us for a Newly-Constructed Home Inspection

Need a team to inspect your newly-built home? Call our team today at (617) 681-HOME or submit a contact formand we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We look forward to inspecting your newly-constructed home!

-The BeaconLight Team